Prophet H. Walker is God's latter day prophet, and final messenger. Called by God Almighty at the age of seven when he heard God's voice coming from behind the sun saying "I have found favor with you", he has been raised up by Jesus Christ to bring the Acts 2:38 pentecost church back to the bible (Holy King James Version Bible). Shortly after starting his ministry as a young minister with only five members, he later joined the largest Pentecostal organization (P.A.W). After about 2 years
he began to notice more changes (compromise) and a lack of true leadership.
      One group within the congregation taught "once saved" another taught repentance, one group taught against jewelry and makeup, while yet another group taught compromise. Instead of the Presiding Bishop taking a stand to correct the confusion, he allowed divisions, and compromise to creep into the church which is against what the Apostle Paul taught "That there be no divisions among us"
(1 Corinthians 1:10). Prophet became confused and began fervently to seek the LORD concerning this great confusion that was in the P.A.W. In his prayer at 2 a.m in the morning God spoke to him and answered "
What did the Word say?" And as more he went into the scripture, the more he found these P.A.W leaders in error with the word of God. After his departure from P.A.W he began to reach out to all the Acts 2:38 pentecost churches to join with him in the unity of one doctrine.
      Today Prophet H. Walker is pastor and overseer of True Light Pentecost Church, headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina where he continues to preach God's unadulterated holy word of truth as God continues to gather the remnant of his church together in one accord. Prophet H. Walker  also continues to warn the world concerning the sub human movement that is sweeping the world like a flood. Sodomites, Lesbians changing and mocking Gods natural order(male and female), false preachers are deceiving many, earthquakes in divers places, wars and rumours of wars and pestilences (plagues,illnesses). Although their are many destructions, chaos, and many false religious movements today, God has hand picked "one Prophet" and "one church" for such a time as this ,which is The True Light Pentecost Church underneath the leadership of Bishop Prophet H. Walker.
About Prophet H. Walker