My Book (Some Shall Depart)
Some Shall Depart
by: Prophet Bishop H. Walker
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Some Shall Depart... Is a brief study in the
decline of the orignal church of the Apostles.

In this book, I have attempted to show the great apostate movement that crept into the household of faith to scatter the flock and create a religion in the name of God, but
refusing to hold bible instruction as the foundation of truth for divine guidance.

This book is not for the unbeliever, but rather to give warning to the Acts 2:38 church to come back to true holiness even to the doctrine of the Apostles.

I do testify that the contents of this book is based on history and bible record (King James version) for a final warning to the true church of the Apostles according to the divine truth.

The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.... Amen. Ever minful of the word....Amen,which literally translates
"So Let It Be", so I say in closing, So Let It Be.

(Gods Final Messenger)
Pastor and Overseer
True Light Pentecost Church
Table of contents
Chapter 1 / Chosen pg.1
Chapter 2/ The Split pg.27
Women In The Ministry pg. 39
Chapter 3/ Women Called pg.46
Chapter 4/ Cults pg.50
Chapter 5/ Tithes pg.54
Chapter 6/ Water Baptism pg.60
Chapter 7/ Standards Of Holiness pg.78 Jewelry And Makeup
Chapter 8/ Queen Of Heaven pg.102
Babylon Cult Of Religion
[The Babylonian Church]
Chapter  9/ Constantine pg.115
Roman Church
Chapter 10/ Deity Of Jesus pg.144
Chapter 11/ Willful Sin pg.168
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