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Water Baptism
In Acts 1:2 "The Holy Ghost had given commandments to the Apostles whom he had chosen." Again we see that God had given certain instructions to his apostles for the building and guidance of His church sanctified. Peter had given instruction for all that would receive His word on the day of Pentecost that they should be baptized in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38). In Matthew 28:19, we see a passage of the Apostles' instructions that has been used in error by church leaders who have not rightly divided the Word. If the latter passage is correct, why then did all the Apostles recorded in the Acts of the Apostles use the formula in the name of Jesus,Lord Jesus, or Jesus Christ?
   Note in Acts 2:38, Peter baptized the Jews in Jesus' name. In Acts 8:16, Phillip baptized the Samarians in the name of Lord Jesus. In Acts 10:48, Peter baptized Gentiles in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And in Acts 19:5, Paul baptized the Ephesians in the name of the Lord Jesus. Nowhere in the New Testament Bible can you find the apostles using the trinity formula; thus, we come to the reality that the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, must be Jesus, since we also realize that Father is not a name; Son is not a name, Holy Ghost is the DIVINE SPIRIT OF GOD, "Now if any man hath not the spirit of Christ, he is none of His." (Romans 8:9). The truth is that the first evidence of the trinity formula of baptism was introduced to the Christian church at the first Council Of Nicaea in 325 A.D. by Bishop Hosias, the spiritual adviser to Constantine the great, the Roman Emperor who was converted to Christianity by this corrupt church leader.
   Constantine defeated Emperor Liscenius for total control over the Roman Empire, making him the most powerful leader the world had ever known since the days of Nimrod. Shortly after his victory over Liscenius, Constantine claimed to have been visited by an angel, with the instructions to unify the Christian churches under his leadership; he convened the great Council Of Nicaea in  325 A.D. and took upon the title Pontific Maximus(high priest) and Keeper of the Faith. Constantine, along with his spiritual adviser Hosias, began a systematic destruction of the church of the Apostles. They introduced a form of doctrine that would become the foundation of the Roman (Catholic) church.
   Let us examine the following reference books and see palinly how they support what I have explained concerning the changing of a point of doctrine by wicked leaders who oppose the writings of the Apostles, and who would dare to change the sanctified Word of God without fear or remorse. Note in the
Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition, vol.3, pg.365 Baptism was changed from Jesus name to  the words Father, Son, holy Ghost, in the 2nd century." Canney Encyclopedia of Religion, pg.53 "The early church baptized in the name of Jesus until the second century." Hastings Encyclopedia of Religion, Vol.2 Christians baptism was administered using the words "In the name of Jesus" pg.377. Note pg.389,"Baptism was always in the name of Jesus until the time of Justin Martyr. Schaff-Herzog Religious Encyclopedia, Vol.1 pg.435.. "New Testament knows only baptism in the name of Jesus." Hastings Dictionary Bible, pg.88" The threefold name of Matthew 28:19 was not used by early church, but rather the name of Jesus, Lord Jesus, or Jesus Christ." Note.. Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol.2, pg.263, "the authors acknowledged that the baptism formula was changed by their church."
   My brothers and sisters, it was not until the First Council of Nicaea, that the trinity formula was put into evidence during a baptismal ceremony. By the authority did the leaders of the Roman Church used to change the very word the Apostles had given to the church for instructions in righteousness? Is it any wonder that Christianity is so confused and in such a state as multitudes are confounded as to what is sound doctrine? Where is the true Church of GOD in this final dispensation of time? Unless one follows a leader who follows the Doctrine of the Apostles, that individual can never find the holiness pathway that leads to the resting place that all souls seek after who truly seek after God.